The International Strategic & Security Studies Programme, was started at NIAS in 1996 with the broad objective of conducting academic and policy research related to national and international security issues. The emphasis of research is towards integrating complex elements of science and technology with policy, organizational and institutional arrangements. Rapidly changing geo-political and technology adaptation scenarios affect the national and international strategic conditions and the research carried out in the Programme reflects this. Current and emerging scenarios relating to nuclear, missiles and space weapons are reflective of such an impact and have formed the core area of research.

The importance and pivotal role of net-centric warfare was evident in the US engagements in the Gulf War. Concepts of future net-centric wars in the Indian context have become relevant and important aspects of study. Terrorism has become a major national security concern warranting critical study of the social, cultural and fundamental issues involved.

In addition, the strategic and security studies programme facilitates exchange of views, information and knowledge among interested groups through conferences, workshops and round tables. There are informal collaborative arrangements with the King’s College, London (Department of War Studies) and MIT, Boston (Program in Science, Technology and Society). The Programme’s commitment to using knowledge to help improve understanding between countries is reflected in the continuing and ongoing track-two dialogue process with the Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Conducting Academic and Policy Research related to National and International Security Issues
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