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International Strategic Review: May 2017

International Strategic Review, Vol.4, Issue.5, May 2017

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Amidst the speculations of a potential shift in India’s nuclear strategy that were rife in the media during the month of April, 2017, Indian Navy successfully tested the supersonic BrahMos, land attack cruise missile. This test has boosted India’s precision strike capability of hitting targets on land from the sea. Followed by this commend-able test, India test fired its intermediate- range ballistic missile Agni-III. The user test was undertaken by the Stra-tegic Forces Command- a missile handling unit of the In-dian Army.
After the success of ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), ISRO is planning to undertake an orbiter mission to Venus and has invited suggestions from scientists for space-based experiments to be conducted in the Venus mission. The space agency is also in the process of increasing its frequency of launches from 7, at present, to 12 per year.

International Strategic Review: March 2017

International Strategic Review, Vol.4, Issue.3, March 2017

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February 2017 was a busy month for Space related activities in China, North Korea, Iran and India. But the real highlight in February was India setting a new record by launching 104 satellites on single rocket. The ISRO has been consistently in the news making great strides with the most cost effective Mars mission in the world and its indigenously built cryogenic engine. Besides, the eleventh edition of Aero India was held at Air Force Station, Bengaluru from 14 to 18 Feb 2017, making way for new international collaborations for India. One of the most significant announcements at Aero India was the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)’s proposal to revive three aircraft programmes- Saras aircraft, 70 seater aircraft programme and the NM5-100.

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