China’s ballistic missile system for targeting aircraft carriers

The Hindu, March 5, 2014

China’s Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile: Game Changer in the Pacific Ocean

S. Chandrashekar,  R.N. Ganesh, C.R. Raghunath, Rajaram Nagappa, N. Ramani and Lalitha Sundaresan

An ISSSP Report titled ‘China’s Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile: Game Changer in the Pacific Ocean’ was quoted by The Hindu to highlight the Chinese system of using land-based ballistic missiles to deter America’s powerful nuclear-powered aircraft carriers from coming anywhere near its coast. The link of the entire story which appeared on March 5, 2014 is given below.

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The study was undertaken by a group at the ISSSP, NIAS to make an analytical assessment of China’s capability to design and develop an Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile directed against an Aircraft Carrier Strike Group (CSG), and also the Chinese ability to create the technical infrastructure required to transform this missile into an operational weapon system.

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