Doklam, Demochok and DBO

Rising Kashmir, August 07, 2017

D. Suba Chandran is Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru.

Though there have been warning at the official levels from China, and the Chinese media issuing threats, India has not officially responded. Nor has it backed down at the border. How will China respond to India’s tough military and political posture? Will it stop with just issuing threats? Will it intensify its military posture in Doklam? Or, will it look beyond and explore poking India at other places along the India-China border?

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One thought on “Doklam, Demochok and DBO

  • There is no possibility of an armed clash between india and china on doklam face off. When the weather deteriorates in september, PLA is going to withdraw as neither side can maintain troops in harsh weather. My assessment is based on internal articles by chinese scholars. Though there will not be any war, India must prepare for Doklam like incidents along entire Sino-Indian border. Infact China has been taken by surprise by India’s response on Doklan face off. So far as India is concerned, if it lets PLA build road in Doklam, then PLA will be able to easily cut off India’s Chicken neck are ( Siliguri Corridor) and India’s entire North East will be cut off from India. This assessment is also based on PLA senior officers writing on doklam issue and their future plans after capturing doklam. India has to immediately start infrastructure building along entire Sino-Indian border and immediately order the acquisition of 126 and not 26 at present Rafale fighter planes from France to take on growing might of PLAAF. 26 Rafale fighter planes will not make any difference to India-China power asymmetry.

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