Each Blade a Single Crystal

American Scientist, January-February 2015, Vol. 103, No. 1, Pg.30

American ScientistAn ISSSP Report titled Technology & Innovation in China: A Case Study of Single Crystal Superalloy Development for Aircraft Turbine Blades authored by Profs. S. Chandrashekar, Rajaram Nagappa, Lalitha Sundaresan, N.Ramani was quoted by Professor Lee S. Langston in his article ‘Each Blade a Single Crystal,’ in the American Scientist, January-February 2015 Volume 103, No. 1, Pg.30.

The entire American Scientist article can be read here
The original ISSSP Report can be read here

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One thought on “Each Blade a Single Crystal

  • V.Siddhartha

    This article should be widely read by younger ‘think tankers’ as an example of how straightforward language, with apposite analogies from common experiences, can render even an esoteric topic understandable by a non-specialist, almost lay, reader. Begin by answering the question: “who is the reader I am writing for?”, and only thereafter commit fingers-to-keys.

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