The Role of Offset within Defence Economics

Speaker: Professor Ron Matthews

Chair, Defence Economics

Cranfield University at the UK Defence Academy 

 Chairperson: Prof. V Bhujanga Rao


This talk will focus on the role that defence economics can play in promoting economic, industrial and technological development in the 21stCentury.  Defence economics will be defined, and its scope explored, especially with regard to three levels of analysis: i) optimal resource allocation within defence; ii) securing an appropriate balance of resources between defence and the broader economy; and iii) exploiting market and cost-reduction opportunities across the global defence community. The latter field of endeavor focuses on the process of ‘defence globalisation’, and especially defence offset. Offset is a complex subject, sometimes referred to as a ‘black art’. India has an established defence offset policy in place, but its performance has been subject to criticism. Thus, the talk will extend to include an assessment of global offset practices, and identification of the likely ingredients for successful outcomes.

 About the Speaker:

Professor Ron Matthews is a defence economist, holding the Cranfield University Chair in Defence Economics at the UK Defence Academy. Until recently he also held the Chair in Defence Economics at RSIS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Professor Matthews’ research specialisation is focused on evaluating the impact of defence offset on industrial and technological development. He has published four books on defence transformation and numerous book chapters, monographs, refereed articles and other papers on the theme of defence-related industrialisation, international arms collaboration and trade. Professor Matthews was awarded the prestigious Robert S. McNamara World Bank Research Fellowship, undertaking industrial fieldwork in Africa, as well as two NATO research fellowships on defence technology-sharing, leading to a sole-authored book on European Arms Collaboration.

National Institute of Advanced Studies


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