Harnessing S & T: The Political-Economies of Technology and the Sciences in India’s Policymaking

Society for Policy Studies-India Habitat Center Changing Asia Series, New Delhi, July 18, 2016

V. Siddhartha, Adjunct Faculty, National Institute of Advanced Studies

As part of the Changing Asia Series, the Society for Policy Studies (SPS) in association with the India Habitat Centre (IHC) organized a public lecture on ” Harnessing S&T: The Political-Economies of Technology and the Sciences in India’s Policymaking”, on July 18, 2016. Led by Dr. V. Siddhartha, the emphasis of this lecture was to highlight the nuances of both, science in Indian policy (both foreign and domestic) and policies on science in India per se, with specific focus on those aspects that have been missing from the conversations on Science and Technology (S &T) in India. One of the principal curators of India’s scientific landscape in the last two decades, the speaker opened the lecture by highlighting the intricate association that exists between S & T and the social and economic advancement of India.

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