India’s Economic Growth: Assessing Geopolitical Implications

World Focus, N. 416, August 2014

Monish Tourangbam, Assistant Professor, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University

Ramya P.S, Junior Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Studies

image6949The economic rise of Asia spearheaded by the phenomenal rise of China, followed by India has undoubtedly changed the strategic dimensions of the region, and spawned debates pertaining to power transition in the global order. Post its economic liberalisation in early 1990s, India has increased its economic profile leading to vigorous debates about India claiming the high table of global politics. Debates around the relative decline of the United States juxtaposed with the rise of new powers like China and India, and the complex interdependence inherent in the international system has led to a strategic flux. Moreover, impact of economics on political issues remains an open-ended question particularly in India’s immediate neighbourhood.

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One thought on “India’s Economic Growth: Assessing Geopolitical Implications

  • It is yet to be seen how the BOP will effect the Geo-economics of India visa vis its trade counter parts. It is also important if India has to sustain its relevance among the BRIC members, it must stake urgent steps rise its per capita output which is below the others. Perhaps it may then be able to negotiate with conviction at various fora both bilateral and multi-lateral.

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