NSG Membership and India

Eenadu, (Telugu) June 24, 2016

Arun Vishwanathan, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Eenadu vyakyanam-logoIn the normal course of things, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) does not receive much attention. Established in 1975 as a response to the May 1974 nuclear tests by India, the 48-member grouping attempts to control the export of fissile material, nuclear materials and technologies including dual-use items. The group members control roughly 80 percent of the global uranium reserves and close to 80 percent of the global uranium production. The aim of the group is to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear energy and prevent the possible diversion of nuclear material or technology for building nuclear weapons. However, in recent weeks, after India and Pakistan submitted their applications to join the NSG, and China publicly opposed India’s membership, the NSG has got entangled in a geo-political tug of war between the United States and China.

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2 thoughts on “NSG Membership and India

  • what exactly are the advantages of joining the NSG ? there has been contradictory views on this . can’t India do nuclear commerce/export without being a member of the NSG ( sticking to rules laid by this body ? was it necessary to go all out including pleading with an arrogant china and place PM’s prestige on the anvil ? grateful for some elucidation . Gopal


    Dear Gopal Sir,
    There are two main benefits of joining the NSG. First, India will have a say (as a member) against any future changes in NSG guidelines. Secondly, with membership, India will have easier access to R&D projects without complex end-use or export licensing.
    With regards, Arun

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