Nuclear Waste Management: Exploring Future Areas of India-Pakistan Cooperation

Generation Why: South Asian Voices, Stimson Center, July 30, 2014

Aditi Malhotra, Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Studies

gen whyOwing to secrecy of India and Pakistan’s nuclear programmes and understandably so, there are extremely limited nuclear-related areas where India and Pakistan would be willing to cooperate. It is challenging, yet important to identify some areas where both India and Pakistan could collaborate to establish durable peace in the subcontinent and reduce the trust deficit in this sensitive field. One possible area for cooperation is nuclear waste management. Nuclear waste is produced by a number of pursuits in the different stages of nuclear fuel cycle (uranium mining, fuel fabrication, etc). The management of nuclear waste, which is highly radioactive, is challenging mainly because of its harmful effects on human beings and the environment. 

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