Pakistan Ghauri November 2012 Missile Test

Pakistan Ghauri November 2012 Missile Test

Author: Rajaram Nagappa

Ghauri Pak missile cover imagePakistan launched a Ghauri missile on 28 November 2012. Though the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) claimed the test was a success, Pakistani media reports indicate that  large fragments of the missile fell in and around the village of Dadu in Sind Province.

As Ghauri missiles may have been assembled in Pakistan in limited numbers, the missile is not likely to be a permanent part of the Pakistan ballistic missile system. The operational details and procedures for a liquid fuelled system coupled with a success rate not commensurate with reliability requirements are other negative factors. Ghauri will therefore be used for training purposes and temporarily deployed for long range penetration. It would be safe to conjecture that the missile will be phased out once Shaheen-2 is operationalized in Pakistan.

The overall Ghauri flight mission of 28 November 2012 should be treated as failure contrary to the claims made by the Inter Services Public Relations. This failure also opens up questions of reliability of the missile as 3 failures have been recorded out of ten flights.

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