Harini Madhusudan


Research Associate

Room: S-29
Tel: 080-2218-5113

Harini Madhusudan is currently a Research Associate, at the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme (ISSSP), School of Conflict and Security Studies, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru. She is currently a part of the BRICS Young Scientist Forum, the International Peace Research Initiative (IPRI)  project. Her areas of research include Conflict and Peace Studies, Science Diplomacy and China’s Economy.  She is also a part of the South Asia part of the Indo Pacific project of ISSSP.

Harini has a post-graduate degree from the Department of International Studies,  Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru. For her degree, she worked on a dissertation titled, “Outer Space and Conflict in the 21st Century.”

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