Kaveri Ashok, Senior Research Fellow

Kaveri AshokRoom No: F 27
Tel: 080-2218-5000
Fax: 080-2218-5028
Email: kaveriashok[at]outlook[dot]com

Kaveri Ashok is Senior Research Fellow in the ISSSP at NIAS, Bangalore. Before joining ISSSP, she was a research intern with the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. Kaveri completed her Masters degree in Nuclear Science and Technology at the University of Delhi with a specialisation degree in Decommissioning and Waste Management from the University of Paris Sud XI. Her masters dissertation was based on a 6 month internship with the Atomic Energy Commission of France (CEA- Saclay Campus). Her areas of interest include Nuclear Security and Strategy.

Riffath Khaji, Junior Research Fellow

RiffathRoom No: F 27
Tel: 080-2218-5000
Fax: 080-2218-5028
Email: kaziriffath737[at]gmail[dot]com 

Riffath Khaji is a Junior Research Fellow in the ISSSP at NIAS, Bangalore. She pursued her MA in, Political Science from St Joseph College Bangalore. Her dissertation focussed on Armed Non State Actors in Pakistan: A Case Study of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. she interned at Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), New Delhi . Her areas of interest is Pakistan with specific focus on Pakistan State society, rise of terrorism , and other terrorist networks.

Mrunalini Deshpande, Junior Research Fellow

MrunalniRoom No: F 27
Tel: 080-2218-5000
Fax: 080-2218-5028
Email: mrunaldeshpande19[at]gmail[dot]com 

Mrunalini Deshpande is a Junior Research Fellow in the ISSSP at NIAS, Bangalore. She pursued her MSc in Defence and Strategic Studies from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. Her dissertation was titled, “India’s Look East Policy.” Her areas of interest include International Relations, Strategic Studies and National Security.

 Manideep A, Junior Research Fellow

Room No: S 29
Tel: 080-2218-5113
Email: ailenimandeep[at]gmail[dot]com

Manideep is a Junior Research Fellow in the ISSSP at NIAS, Bangalore. He pursued his B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. His dissertation was titled “Shifted Sharp-Edged Rectangular Tab for Supersonic Jet Control”. His area of interest is high-speed aerodynamics.

Conducting Academic and Policy Research related to National and International Security Issues
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