Subrata Ghoshroy

Adjunct Faculty

Prof Ghoshroy has been with the MIT Group on Science, Technology and Society since 2005. He is leading the Project on ‘Promoting Nuclear Stability in South Asia’. Prior to that he was Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He has also been a Senior Defense Analyst at the Government Accountability Office and served as Congressional Fellow under the AAAS program. he has also served as a staff member of the House International Relations Committee and the House Armed Services Committee where he worked on issues of non-proliferation, arms control, South Asian security, ballistic missile defense, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship, laser weapons, chemical weapons demilitarization, and landmines. He was also responsible for monitoring and evaluating budget and policy matters related to Military Research and Development (RDT&E) using his expertise to carry out comprehensive evaluations of complex weapons systems that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Prior to his transition to the policy world, Dr. Ghosroy worked more for more than 20 years as an engineer and an engineering-manager in developing high-power and high-energy laser, electron beam, and pulse power technologies for DOD, DOE, and NASA.

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