Rise of China: Indian Perspectives

Rise of China: Indian Perspectives, Lancer Publication, 2013, pp. xv+244, ISBN : 9781935501374

Editors: S. Gopal and Nabeel A. Mancheri

The book can be purchased from Flipkart and Amazon

rise of chinaThe remarkable rise of China in the last three decades has had a mixed global reaction. While many countries have welcomed this rise, some of China’s neighbours have viewed it with concern if not consternation. What does the rise of China signify for India, given our none too smooth relationship with China and latter’s unqualified support to Pakistan in military and nuclear field? What do our leading companies feel about China? Would the Indian Ocean be the scene of stiff confrontation between India and China? Or is “China Threat” an exaggeration or hype as some would hold?

This book is the result of intense discussions on the above questions in a seminar held on Dec 20/21, 2011 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. The Chapters in this book, based on papers presented by leading experts on China both from the Government and the Private sectors covers almost all aspects of China from internal political developments, foreign policy to economy, S&T developments and Strategic capabilities, particularly with respect to India. China’s growing military and economic clout and impressive advances in trade and technology have all been analyzed by various speakers who are well known for their expertise on china. China’s views on India have also been brought out succinctly. The Seminar was the first major interaction on a subject of strategic national interest. It is hoped that the book would contribute to better understanding of China by both the interested citizens of this country and the policy makers.

Table of Contents

  1. Sino-Indian Relations: Need for a Balanced Approach – MK Narayanan
  2. Red-Revival: An Overview of Internal Political Developments in China – Jayadeva Ranade
  3. Chinese Foreign Policy with Special Reference to South Asia – TCA Rangachari
  4. China’s Air and Space Strategy — South and South East Asia – Air Cmde (Retd) Ramesh V Phadke
  5. Modernisation of China’s Armed Forces and its Implications – Brig (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal
  6. Maritime Ambitions of China – Vice Admiral (Retd.) RN Ganesh
  7. “Strong Fences Make Good Neighbours”: A CEO Perspective on Sino-India Relationships – Ravi Venkatesan
  8. The Art and Science of Business in China – Aroon Raman
  9. Secrets of Chinese Economic Success – Ramgopal Agarwala
  10. Three Decades of China’s Development Some Notable Factors and Lessons – Halady Satish Rao
  11. Lateral Thinking and India’s China Strategy: The Case Study of Tibet – Ravi Bhoothalingam
  12. Chinese Strategic Culture – Bidanda Chengappa
  13. Telecom Equipment Exports from China: Commercial and Strategic Implications – Sanjay Nayak
  14. Science and Technology Capabilities of China – Lalitha Sundaresan
  15. China’s Cyber Capabilities – Alok Vijayanth
  16. Chinese Perceptions of India – DS Rajan

S Gopal is Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Visiting Professor in the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, NIAS, Bangalore.

Nabeel Mancheri is Assistant Professor in the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, NIAS, Bangalore.

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