Rohingyas in Myanmar: The State of ‘Statelessness’

Policy Wonks, July 27, 2015

Suparna Banerjee, Senior Research Fellow, ISSSP, NIAS

Ethnic Rohingyas, from Myanmar and living in Malaysia, display placards during a rally against sectarian violence in Myanmar, in Kuala LumpurThe issue of Rohingyas is a major challenging episode in the transition of Myanmar. While its complexity does not revolve around it as a major refugee crisis alone. Historically their geographical location has made them vulnerable to various pressures, both political and social. The aim of the article is to point out that the Rohingya community has historical been always rendered stateless. The military led government seems to be immune to the plight of the community and embarked on its systematic cleansing. This article traces the historical origin of the conflict vis-vis their present status. The article also attempts to list the various resistance movements of the Rohingyas adopted for their survival. This is important to address the root cause of this permanent challenge capable of disturbing the much awaited stability of this South East Asian country on the verge of a historical transition in 2015.

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