Role of Nuclear Energy in Pakistan’s Energy Crisis & its Strategic Implications

Science, Technology and Security forum, October 2014

Ramya P.S, Junior Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Studies

logoThe burning issue under which Nawaz Sharif ran his election campaign last year was Pakistan’s economic debt and its acute energy shortage. The energy crisis gripping the nation has not only resulted in long hours of power shortages and load shedding but has adversely impacted the economy with commercial sectors and industries facing the brunt of the energy crunch. The crisis has caused a major setback to the economy with concerns being raised due to the increase of the circular debt. In addition, the recent development of China helping Pakistan operationalise a 1 GW nuclear power reactor at Karachi raised regional concern. In light of these developments, the article focuses on the question: how far is Pakistan going to promote its civilian nuclear industry in the light of an energy crisis and more significantly, how far would such a policy impact the regional security dynamics?

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