So That A Nuclear Weapon Free World Can Come To Be

So That A Nuclear Weapon Free World Can Come To Be: Putting Nuclear Weapons to Politco-Diplomatic Use

Author: Ambassador Saurabh Kumar (Retd.)

The entire report in pdf can be read here

slider-nuclear weapons free worldThis NIAS Working Paper (WP) is in response to the question “what can be done to actualise the vision of the 1988 Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan” (for a world without nuclear weapons) that challenged the ‘Informal Group on the 1988 Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan for a Nuclear Weapon Free and Non-Violent World’ set up in December 2010 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar. The WP paper is an edited version of the inputs contributed to this group.

The possibility of finding, or forging, synergies with the ideas and endeavours of others active in the field of nuclear disarmament presented itself naturally as an obvious first choice for exploration, along with other currents in the mainstream of activity in the international security arena such as the NPT (Treaty on Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) and its review process.

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