The Logic of North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions

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Council on Foreign Relations, January 12, 2016

CFRThe Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) quotes the recent ISSSP Report by Arun Vishwanathan, S. Chandrashekar, LV Krishnan and Lalitha Sundaresan analysing the North Korean 2016 nuclear test. The CFR article is an interview of Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow, Amy Nelson. The article mentions the link between the Pakistani and North Korean missile and nuclear programme that the ISSSP Report had raised. It also states the conclusion that the DPRK test in all likelihood might have been a fission and not a fusion device.

To read the complete ISSSP Report click here

To read the complete CFR article click here




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One thought on “The Logic of North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions

  • Ordinarily, the tendency is for our analysts to lean heavily on foreign, especially U.S., think tanks to prove their arguments or points. I am indeed glad that CFR has relied on the work done by the group in ISSSP. It will be interesting to know how our agencies have looked upon the piece.

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