Battlefield Weapons and Missile Defense: Worrisome Developments in Nuclear South Asia

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March/April 2014

HATF-IX/NASR Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Implications for Indo-Pak Deterrence

Rajaram Nagappa, Arun Vishwanathan and Aditi Malhotra

An ISSSP Report titled ‘HATF-IX / NASR Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Implications for Indo-Pak Deterrence’ was quoted by Prof. R. Rajaraman in the  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Journal, March/April 2014 Vol. 70 No. 2, pp. 68-74.  The link of the article is given below.

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The study was undertaken by the authors at the ISSSP, NIAS carried out a technical analysis and sizing of the missile to see whether a nuclear warhead can fit into it. The study also highlighted the importance for nuclear stability in the Indian sub-continent and whether NASR is leading Pakistan into a ‘commitment trap.’ The study showed that a weapon system like NASR has more disadvantages than advantages from all considerations ranging from damage potential to impact on deterrence stability.

To read the complete report click here

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