Can Nawaz rescue Pakistan?

East Asia Forum, September 14, 2013

Viswesh Rammohan, Research Intern, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Nabeel A Mancheri, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

EAForumOver 46 million people exercised their right to vote in Pakistan in May earlier this year — close to 55 per cent of the population and a record turnout since 1988. Pakistan’s first transition from one civilian government to another is an incredible achievement for a country that has been under military rule for a large part of its history. The short-term strategy for Nawaz would be to improve the economy and solve the energy crisis. All of this has to be done along with maintaining good foreign ties, especially with India and Afghanistan. It is safe to say that Nawaz faces the huge burden of rescuing Pakistan. Might it be third time lucky for Nawaz?

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