Dialogue with the Taliban: Six Questions

Dialogue with the Taliban: Six Questions,” Rising Kashmir, 18 Feb 2019

The six days long negotiations between the US and the Taliban last month in Doha have been termed positive.  ZalmayKhalilzad, the US envoy, was reported to have stated that the Doha meeting was more productive than the previous ones, and confirmed that significant progress had been made “on vital issues.” Though Khalilzad has also cautioned that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” that includes an intra-Afghan dialogue and a comprehensive ceasefire, Taliban seems to believe that the foreign troops would leave in eighteen months once the draft agreement is in place. So is there a breakthrough finally in Doha? Or, are there multiple what ifs between Doha and Kabul?

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D. Suba Chandran
D. Suba Chandran is a Professor at the International Strategic & Security Studies, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore.

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