Technologies used during Low-Intensity Conflicts

ISSSP Lecture Series on International Security

Lecture on

“Technologies used during Low-Intensity Conflicts”


Dr SS Sundaram
Former Director-General, Electronics & Communication Systems, DRDO

29 May 2021, Saturday, 1100-1230 hrs

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About the Speaker

Dr SS Sundaram is a Distinguished Defence scientist. He was the leader of Project teams which realized and inducted major Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems for the Indian Army. This has led to the present-day environment, wherein EW Systems are categorized for total indigenization under Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Dr Sundaram was also the Director of Defence Electro-Optical Instrumentation Laboratory, wherein Photonic research, Optical design and fabrication for night vision, Thermal imaging from precision gimbals, and Laser rangers & designators were developed for the tri-Services.

Dr Sundaram served as the first Director-General, for Electronics & Communication Systems with the DRDO.
About the ISSSP Lecture Series

The ISSSP Lecture Series on International Security is a new initiative to dissect and discuss contemporary global security issues. The lecture series invites seniors from the diplomatic, defence academic communities, with significant experience in various security-related domains to deliver the lectures. The lecture series aims to bring together, on a monthly basis, a wide range of audience from the strategic and academic communities with a mix of senior and young scholars.


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