The Space Situational Awareness – Strategic Challenges for India

A NIAS-SWF Joint workshop, June 14 -15, 2018

Please note: Participation is by invitation only

All nations today rely on satellites for vital communication services, navigation, weather prediction, and scientific research. With increasing number of objects in space – useful or otherwise – the need for managing the Space Commons wisely is gaining importance. In the last few decades India has emerged as a Space power. With increasing dependence on her space assets for many of her development activities, India needs to protect her Space assets. As technological changes lower entry barriers, private players are expected to play greater role in the realm of small satellites. Kessler Syndrome and its effects on our space assets have to be addressed whether we like it or not.

U.S.A, Russia and Europe have by and large dominated the SSA scene and China is fast catching up. Time has come for India as well as other space faring nations to ponder whether the current structure of the world political order would allow the emergence of a universal SSA governance regime. The primary aim of this workshop is therefore to understand the current status of SSA in the world; which are the lead countries; and the data sharing mechanism that is prevalent between nation states.

The workshop will provide a platform for India to initiate dialogues with other space faring nations; to identify areas where India could collaborate with these countries to augment her SSA capability. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to look at the capabilities that need to be built within the country to enhance the SSA data acquisition and analysis.

National Institute of Advanced Studies


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