Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty and Options for India

Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty and Options for India

Author: S Rajagopal

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FMCTThis study is the first Report of a comprehensive analysis of a variety of important nuclear treaties and agreements and their linkages and implications for India, being undertaken by the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. The purpose of this Report on the FMCT is to analyse various options and formulate recommendations to serve as an aid to policy initiatives. The methodology involves analysing both benefits and risks of each option in the context of national security in particular.

Prior to taking up the analysis of options, the study provides the broad context within which to view the FMCT. The first section provides a summary of the evolution of the FMCT. The second looks at the FMCT’s role in the global nonproliferation and disarmament regimes. The third section focuses on key international and regional players in the nuclear arena and their positions on the FMCT. The fourth section turns to an overview of the Indian situation vis-a-vis the FMCT, and tries to identify the most critical issues facing India in this regard. Subsequently, an analysis of the options for India on the FMCT is presented.

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