How Does India Perceive China’s Rise?

Foreign Policy Journal, 18 December  2012

S. Gopal, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Nabeel Mancheri, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Both India and China, the two of the most populous countries in the world, have been moving up the ladder, militarily, economically, and politically, but each has its own priorities, strategies, successes, and failures. These have been discussed and continue to be discussed in detail in several platforms. At its present level of strategic strength, India does not have the option of following a hostile and confrontational attitude towards China. It must accept the fact that there are problems between the two countries which can lead to confrontation in future and should prepare for that day. Meanwhile cooperation and trade with China are indicated. In the international arena, China could indeed be an ally in the two countries’ common interests, like global warming, energy needs, etc. Diplomacy and trade should be the present policy while acquiring strategic strength should be a long term policy to deal with any future confrontation if such a contingency arises.

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