India-Myanmar Relations: Assessing New Dynamics

World Focus, N. 417, September 2014

Monish Tourangbam, Assistant Professor, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University

Ramya P.S, Junior Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Studies

image6949In recent times, few other events in world politics has garnered the attention of practitioners and scholars as the relative opening of Myanmar has done, erstwhile under the iron fist rule of the military. While countries increasingly make a beeline to engage resource-rich and strategically located Myanmar, several challenges remain, both internal and external in nature. As India envisions a more comprehensive and more broad-based relationship with Myanmar in its new avatar, New Delhi has to juggle amidst challenges emerging out of Myanmar’s own political dynamics in addition to India’s security concerns, its economic ambitions and the strategic dimensions of an emerging balance of power game in Asia.

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