India-Myanmar Relations: It’s time to Seize the Opportunity

“India-Myanmar Relation: It’s time to Seize the Opportunity”, in Susanta Kumar Parida Ed., India and its Neighbours, Mayur Publications, 2015, ISBN: 978-81-89626-53-2, INR-600/-

Suparna Banerjee, Junior Research Fellow, ISSSP

india-and-its-neighboursOne of India’s less talked about neighbours is Myanmar. This is despite the fact that the country shares a long border with India. However, India has been wise not to neglect the strategic significance of Myanmar. This is mainly attributed to the social, political and economic interests emanating from India’s North East coupled with the tremendous influence of China over Myanmar. This chapter makes an attempt to trace the historical relation between India and Myanmar up to the present. The various spheres of engagement and India’s rising ambition to reach out to other South East Asian countries via Myanmar has been a key focus of the chapter.

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