ISSSP Reflections: Guidelines for Authors

International Strategic and Security Studies Programme (ISSSP)

The emphasis of research at ISSSP is towards integrating complex elements of science and technology with policy, organisational and institutional arrangements. Changing geo-political and technology adaptation scenarios affect the national and international strategic conditions and the focus of research carried out in the Programme reflects this.

ISSSP Reflections

ISSSP Reflections cover a broad range of issues related to India’s national security, strategy, techno-political developments and global affairs. The platform offers authors an opportunity to reflect on relevant issues and challenge conventional wisdom by comprehensively covering the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of the debate.  Readers of the website are well informed and hail from the academia, scientific, policy-making and military services. Your arguments should be clear-cut, thought provoking, thoroughly analysed and seek to set the stage for more deeper and extensive debates.

In view of the variety of fields our readers belong to, please refrain from using extremely technical or esoteric language. The language should fairly simple and interesting to both, professionals and the general audience. Considering the lead time between submission and publication, the contributors are requested not to cover topics that are dynamic in nature as the fast-unfolding events might lose relevance quickly. The articles should be brief and generally should not exceed 1000 words.

Formatting and References

Please submit the article in word format with Arial Font (size 12). When sourcing information in the work, provide references in form of hyperlinks and not as endnotes or footnotes. References allows the author to cite sources referred to in his/her article, adds to the credibility of the arguments made/ facts cited in the article and enhances the value of the article in the eyes of the reader.

Articles without references will not be considered for publication.

Things to note

  • ISSSP Reflections does not entertain submissions of previously published work or content that is polemic or partisan in nature.
  • Please fact check and proofread the work before submission.
  • In certain cases, the editor(s) may require the author to undertake significant revision before publication. The author would be given the opportunity to revise the draft and/or approve of any proposed changes. Please note that revisions are intended only to improve the accuracy and quality of each submission.
  • Though we value your time and expertise, the ISSSP does not offer any remuneration to the contributors. We will however, ensure that your views reach the widest possible audience.
  • In case you do not hear back from us – within four working days – expressing our interest in your submission, please feel free to submit your article elsewhere.


You may submit your contributions by email at issspblr[at]

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