‘Natural and Indispensable Partners’: India and Japan in the Asia-Pacific

Science, Technology and Security Forum, April 2, 2014

M. Mayilvaganan, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Copyright:Science, Technology & Security Forum

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to New Delhi as the chief guest for the 65th Republic Day celebrations in January 2014 apparently sent a clear signal of the importance of Japan to India in the context of changing power dynamics in Asia-Pacific. Notably, for the first time Japanese Prime Minister was a chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations. Natsuo Yamaguchi, member of the House of Councillors in the Diet and head of the New Komeito Party, was of the view that this gesture of India “speaks of the importance India and Japan are giving to their relationship.

With the intensified strategic competitions between powers and the emergence of Asia-Pacific as a major center of geopolitical interest, both India and Japan finds each other as best bets in safeguarding the region’s equilibrium and their own strategic interests. India’s pursuit for Japanese partnership and vice versa reflects fresh thinking from both sides to build trust and cooperation including matching resource and strategy, to ensure a pluralistic and stable Asian Pacific.

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