‘Overlooking’ Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers

Generation Why: South Asian Voices, Stimson Center, April 9, 2014

Aditi Malhotra, Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi

gen-why-300x141Fitzpatrick seems to acknowledge all the problems with nuclear Pakistan – track record of proliferation, a lowered nuclear threshold, command and control prone to human error, warheads not one-point safe, inability to control the terrorists – and still vouches for Pakistan to be recognised “as a normal nuclear state” especially when some may say that Pakistan itself is not a normal state. His compassion is discernible when he says “how long Pakistan must pay the price” for the Khan nuclear proliferation network – “a solitary event.” Drawing a parallel to India’s performance, Fitzpatrick argues that “the time has come to offer Pakistan a nuclear-cooperation deal akin to India’s”.

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