N. Ramani


Visiting Professor

Room No: F 04
Tel: 080-2218-5093
Fax: 080-2218-5028
Email: narayan[dot]ramani[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. N. Ramani worked at the ISRO Satellite Centre in the areas of software development for spacecraft mission operations and in the establishment and management of the central computing facility. Led the activities relating to the design, development, testing and implementation of software for real time health monitoring and control of satellites. Pioneered the transition from main frame world of Fortran and assembler codes to distributed computing based on off-the-shelf systems with the best of breed Engineering Application Software packages. Worked on computer related issues that have over all impact on the organization; such as information security, software reliability, man power attrition, open source, Y2K and HPC. With Prof R Narasimha, carried out the Indian Airlines AVRO HS748 fleet performance simulation for airworthiness assessment for the National Committee headed by Prof S Dhawan. Worked on several Government committees that enabled the computerization plans of ADA, CBDT, EPFO, IMD/MES and SBI.

Awards: Distinguished Aero-Alumnus of the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the Indian Institute of Science (1992) and Astronautical Society of India AWARD (1999). He has recently completed and validated a 3-D missile trajectory programme, which can provide the path of the missile from any launch location to any target.

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