S Gopal

Adjunct Faculty

Prof S Gopal has been with the Govt. of India for more than three and a half decades during which he had wide experience in analysis of national and international security and strategic affairs. After retirement he was instrumental, along with some other colleagues, in starting a think tank – Institute of Contemporary Studies Bangalore. The Institute had started a quarterly called Contemporary Analyst in which S Gopal has been a regualar contributor. One of the important papers has been on CTBT entitled India and the CTBT.

He is a member of the Asia Centre Bangalore where he had presented a paper an assessment on Pakistan’s security Scenario. In a seminar on Naxalism organized by the Observer Research Foundation Chennai he presented a paper on “The Naxalite Movement – Impact of External Networking “. In a Seminar on Srilanka, recently organized by Indian Centre for outh Asian Studies and Centre for Asia Studies, a paper on Role of the Janata Vimukti Peramuna in Srilankan politics with particular reference to the Ethnic question was presented. S Gopal has also wide experience in technical and imagery intelligence analysis.

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