The US Elections: Trump, Hillary & India

The US Elections: Trump, Hillary & India

NIAS Strategic Forecast No. 9 | Author: Amit Gupta | July 2016

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To cite: Amit Gupta. The US Elections: Trump, Hillary & India. NIAS Strategic Forecast No. 9. Bangalore: International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, September 2016, available at

nsf-9There is global interest in the 2016 US elections because of the candidacy of Donald Trump. If one leaves aside the outrageous and distasteful statements of Mr. Trump there are some ideas that he has put forward that are quite revolutionary from an American foreign policy perspective. Similarly, Hillary Clinton, thanks to the Bernie Sanders candidacy, has been moved significantly to the left in the context of her foreign economic policy. What are these key shifts, to what extent are they enforceable, and what implications are there for India?

Neither candidate is likely to pose major problems for the Indian government since the India-US relationship has moved beyond the idiosyncrasies of a specific administration. Common interests now shape the relationship and the US has dropped its hyphenation of India with Pakistan and recognizes that Kashmir is not an easily resolvable issue. President Trump is likely to be even more unsympathetic to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue given that protesters in Srinagar have started raising ISIS flags, an action that raises the hackles of western intelligence organizations. To sum up, the India-US relationship is unlikely to undergo major downturns since the relationship is better institutionalized and both candidates are seeking to be focused on domestic issues.

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About the Author: Dr. Amit Gupta is Associate Professor, in the Department of International Security Studies at the USAF Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, USA.

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