Third K. Subrahmanyam Memorial Lecture

The National Institute of Advanced Studies organizes a annual lecture in the memory of Shri K. Subrahmanyam. There have been three memorial lectures delivered by Ambassador Arundhati Ghose and Shri Jaswant Singh.

The third lecture was delivered by Professor Onkar Marwah, IAS (Retd.) on the topic “Strategic Parity for Peace: Engaging China in the 21st Century.” The lecture was delivred at the JRD Tata Auditorium at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore on July 30, 2013.

The entire text of the lecture can be accessed here


Strategic Parity for Peace: Engaging China in the 21st Century

Prof Onkar Marwah

Abstract of the Lecture

The India-China relationship is likely to be the most complex, perhaps the most competitive relationship between two of the world’s mega-states in the twenty-first century. Their cooperative interactions will be edgy and formal, often brittle – irrespective of public professions to the contrary. Presently, the military and economic might of China is substantially higher than India’s, but this will be of less relative significance after the next 10-to-15 years – provided that, in this intervening period, India’s strategy is ‘smart’, selective, and consensually sustained by insulation from ad-hoc re-direction or neglect due to the periodic democratic changes of our political dispensations. The paper explores India’s historical, social, political and economic realities to analyze the constraints as well as the practical means by which the objective can be obtained of providing the country a dynamically-evolving process of strategic parity with China.

About the Speaker

Onkar MarwahProf. Marwah is a former member of the Indian Administrative Service (1959 batch); He has studied at the University of Calcutta, the London School of Economics, Yale University and University of California, Berkeley; He has held research faculty appointments at Cornell and Harvard Universities, and was Deputy Director of the Programme for Peace and International Security Studies at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva. Dr. Marwah has authored/edited four books and over fifty published articles/monographs on nuclear, defence and security affairs, and is currently working on a study of India’s strategy and defence for the 21st century.

Introductory and Welcome remarks by Prof. V.S. Ramamurthy, Director, NIAS and Prof Rajaram Nagappa, Head, ISSSP


Audio of Third K. Subrahmanyam Memorial Lecture by Prof. Onkar Marwah


Audio of Discussion and Vote of Thanks

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